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hey guys is it too late to start that Pokeddexy challenge everyone’s been doing or
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Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Moon in Alexander McQueen fall 2013.
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Toying around with ideas for a T-shirt for my daughter.  The official Disney princess shirts for little girls irk me slightly.  I can deal with how they’re fluorescent pink and sparkly but not with how the princesses on shirts are always either limited to 1-5 of them or they’re stuffed in so that some are hidden behind others.  Not to mention they are always depicted in their fancy ballgowns and their superficial beauty and wealth is glamorised (like the world’s not bombarding little girls enough with that crap already -although I have to give exception here to Merida and of course Pocahontas who doesn’t have a fancy dress as such but then she’s usually stuffed to the back line in group images or left out altogether so meh) while other more valuable princess traits like kindness, perseverance, courage, generosity, thirst for knowledge etc. are for the most part ignored. 
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